Dennis Marshal, CEO

Introduced new perspective and vision in the way we conducted our business which was the exact thing we needed! Helped us modify and change our business processes, experimented and implemented unique strategies to solve our business challenges.

Most importantly, made us realise the initial core of our business model and the forgotten perceptions we actually had when we first started our business and where the missing puzzle was. Truly incredible combination of talent! This year marks the 15th year we have been established and it was an honour to meet a dynamic team who brought in diverse strong experience, different perspectives and deep emotions.

It was also an honour to hear Shiv’s inspiring experiences which truly motivated and helped us see ourselves, our people and the business in a more desirable way. This certainly made us realise where this man found all his abilities and empathy. Can’t wait to see you in a week!

Michelle Tan, Vice President

Clair de Voyance has an incredible gift for making the complex appear simple and without being simplistic. They provide you with alternative perspectives, challenge your thinking and where appropriate, actively mentor/advise you to generate and co-create solutions.They consult impeccably to understand organisational needs and brings innovative business relevant ideas and solutions to the table. Guides your team to consensus while managing multiple perspectives.

Henry Kao, Founder & CEO

Brings in emotional intelligence and agility to the table! What we exactly wanted instead of just fancy techniques. Works within your budget and focuses on value rather than money and hourly rates. Goes undercover and does the job with our employees to better understand the issues being faced in our department. Respectable approach I must say.

The most amazing aspect about Clair de Voyance is that from time to time even after completing their service, they visit your organisation to run a few test and experiments to ensure that the results are sticking permanently and as per our expectation. Did everything we asked and solved every aspect.

In return, our company were glad to have helped Clair de Voyance on their mission to relocate street kids to homes and education. This definitely motivated us and I personally urge other business owners to lend a helping hand to Clair de Voyance. Honest, sincere and straightforward organisation !

Erica Fernandez, Managing Director

This organisation has an extremely strong emotional intelligence and intuitive team in sensing issues and the right specific solutions needed. They adapted versatile strategic tools to fit our business practices and operations. It took the team just two weeks to find solutions to our long-term problems, developed improvements and ensured a permanent outcome. What was even more personal is that along the way they helped us align our personalities and behavior as business owners to better understand our business, clients and most importantly our employees. Remarkable in depth knowledge on human emotions!

Stephanie Veronica, Managing Director

Came across Clair de Voyance during a web search and found a different feel in their methods and decided to try it out. I must admit I was never a big fan of business consultants. My perception was that they would be expensive and I could never understand how they were able to solve my organisational issues within a short period of time which I’ve been running for years. Well, Clair de Voyance made a difference…

And, if I remember the advice correctly, “there is no point engaging in external help if you are going to look at it from bird’s eye view or management perspective. If we come in, do the same and just correct what we see then we are wasting your time. You always need to go down to the core and get your hands dirty. Find not just the problem but the start and patterns that comes along with it. Learn to always FEEL THE PROBLEM not just understand it!” Definitely worth sharing!

Solved my operational problems, threw away bad patterns and behaviors and made me realise how capable my employees were! A heart-felt experience! Thank you so very much.