As Chief Executive Officer, Monroe brings a wealth of experience in company management, strategic oversight, business insight and with a strong focus on streamlining bureaucratic procedures and elimination of red tape.

Through his upbringing and life experiences, he cultivated strategic intuition, cognitive empathy, and visionary insight. His evolving abilities transitioned into intuitive intelligence methodologies, delving into the subconscious realms where information, reason, and instinct intersect in unforeseen ways. This intuitive intelligence adeptly uncovers hidden connections and contradictions, providing valuable insights that feed the rational mind and facilitate the navigation of paradoxes with logic.

His emotional intelligence, analytical prowess, and investigative acumen not only facilitated his seamless transition into various industries but also fostered a fluid communication style that transcends borders, thereby enhancing the businesses he works with. These attributes played a pivotal role in shaping the concept of ‘Clair de Voyance’.


After studying Accounting, Leadership, and Management in Australia, he dedicated over nine years to honing his skills in the country before transitioning to Malaysia, where he amassed extensive professional experience working with governmental bodies, NGOs, and private limited companies.

With a wealth of diverse experience and a portfolio encompassing the management of businesses and projects under Royalties, Monroe serendipitously seized an opportunity to be involved for more than a decade in the private investigation of child abuse, exploited children and missing children cases. These endeavors resonated deeply with him, echoing his intrinsic drive to make a profound and meaningful impact on society.

His unwavering vision has perpetually centered around scrutinizing methodologies aimed at facilitating personal growth, while orchestrating shifts in life rhythms and mindsets towards achieving excellence.

He firmly believes that within every individual lies a narrative waiting to be shared, each teeming with valuable life lessons that unveil unique pathways to positive and emotional new beginnings. Often, the key to discovering these insights rests in reconnecting with one’s inner child, fostering a deeper understanding of one’s true self.