What We Do & What Makes Us Different

– Our philosophy has always been deeply personal and human-centric, with a recognition in aligning and linking elements to organizational goals, purposes, aspirations and culture –


Through our comprehensive methodologies, we pursue an inside-out approach within your organization to acquire a distinctive perspective on its actual performance.


Our thorough exploration of valuable intuition and insight will unveil the true measure of inner strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities within the organization and its people, paving the way for a competitive and sustainable future.


We execute short or long-term plans to uncover critical information that would otherwise remain unknown to you.

Clair de Voyance: Who We Are

Established in 2012 in Australia with its headquarters in Perth, Clair de Voyance was founded with the mission to delve deeply into solving core organizational challenges and to sustain momentum for both the organization and its people.


  • Leading organisations and leaders through periods of downturn, growth, sustainability and change.
  • Directing the less fortunate segment of society with ample opportunities to rebuild their lives.



  • To bestow organisational insights and synthesize possibilities into a specific and powerful point of clarity.
  • To achieve and inspire the broadest spectrum of human transformation at its highest level of societal value.
Projects Delivered

Intuitive Intelligence Methodologies

We establish a robust foundation of evidence-based management, pragmatism, agility, and behavioral engineering, guided by investigative methods and thorough analysis.

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Employee Skills Management

Skills and Matrix Management

We meticulously map, process, and analyze employees’ skills to ensure they are utilized productively, fostering both personal growth and organizational success.
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Project Management Specialist

Project Management Framework

We specialize in crafting and delivering a comprehensive project management framework, designed to ensure that project goals and objectives are closely aligned with meeting your clients’ expectations and achieving ultimate success.
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Sustainable & Social Business Collaboration

Sustainable and Social Business Collaboration with Corporate Philanthropy

In sustainable and socially responsible business collaboration, we assist organizations in partnering with other businesses by fostering, establishing, and leveraging a broader network to enhance market positioning, reputation, and brand recognition.
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Emotional Intelligence (EI) Head Hunter

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Headhunting

What sets leaders apart is their ability to excel in challenging tasks, analyze and connect disparate pieces of information, and drive research and development.
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